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an egois trip

coz you just go alone. accidentally.

dont know your time, when and where.

go just with your self

dont care woth your family, your friends,


even if a kid crying, tears out and dont know anything.

she just know that her beloved person go inside the earth.

and she could only waving her hand to a bunch of soil

and you dont care….

an egois trip.

a trip which we cant bring all things

not your beloved person, not your beloved things, and not your own body.

you just bring what you’ve done and YOU

an egois trip

should be the easiest and fastest trip

but can be the worst trip

an egois trip

is the most exclusive trip

because we are picked up by an angel

angel of death

an egois trip


are we ready?…

Dalam bis, 17 Ramadhan 1425 H. menangis. Kehilangan ayahku.