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long time ago, bout 12 or 13 years ago, i never dreamed to have this blog. Not even blogging, i even never dreamed that i could access internet from my mobile phone.

It was when i were in 1st grad of my junior high. I had my first experience in exploring the internet world. That time, the only way i knew to access the internet was only with phone. Not mobile phone, but phone for your home. Using phone cable, and using your computer. Mobile phone? Yes, you could have internet access from your mobile phone. But at that time, there were no colour mobile phone just like today. Who would like to accessing internet with only seeing 2 colours,black and yellow, or black and green, at your screen?

So, at my first atempt to connect my self to the world to the internet, it was need loooot of guts to do it. Why? B’cos, you know, there were not much internet service provider that time. So i had to brace my self to ask my parents to access the internet with the only way i knew that time, using telkomnet instant. If you compare it with any other internet service provider you know now, then telkomnet instant was ten times worse then the slowest speed of ISP you know. The maximum speed was only 56 Kbps, and it mean only 7 KBps!! And it is the max speed, or in comercial advertise words, only UP TO 56 kbps! Up To! Man.. Can you imagine how slow it is? Beside that slowness, telkomnet instant was also expensive. Rp 150 per minute. It mean, Rp 9000 per hour. Slow, and expensive. What coud have been worse?

But well, b’cos of my curiousity (with my brother too actually), we kept to try to connect ourself to the internet. That time, we only have a Pentium III PC. Not so fast even you compare it with your laptop i’m sure. So we dragged the computer table with the computer on it to reach the phone cable. We plugged the cale to the computer, do some setting according to the advertising that we saw. Clicked here, clicked there, for the first attempt we were failed. We coldnt connect to the internet. Aaaah…we were so disappointed that time… We had dragged that heavy computer table, but we still couldn’t connect our self to the world using internet…

But then, we tried again the next day. With previously read about how the computer setting should be, we braced ourself again and tried to connect to the internet again. The cable was plugged, the setting was done, and then we clikced the Internet Explorer icon. I remembered the first page that we tried to open was telkom’s site. It was such a loooong waiting to open that page…. May be as long as my time to graduate from my college. Hehe..
But you know what? When we saw the loading bar, it showed some progress! There’s a sign that we were loading that page n it mean we were connected to the internet! Yeay! We made it! So we waited till the page was fully loaded. Me, i was soo exited to know what the page look like, moreover, what was the internet world look like. when the page was fully loaded, whoaaaa…. I was sooo amazed… Lot of pictures i saw….not only pictures, but also animations. ‘i made it….’ i said in my heart. ‘oyeah….cool!’

But then that page was the only internet page were opened by my computer. B’cos that time, loading one page needs minutes to open it. Damn… So long and so expensive. So my parent told me to go to the internet cafe if i want to surf the internet world again.

it was such a great beautiful experience, you know. Knowing that nowdays people can access the internet anywhere and anytime they want with low price. Even we can bring the internet with our hands! Just like right now, i’m blogging with my mobile phone. But in the past, i had to dragged my computer table, plug the wire to a computer, wait for a long time toload a page, had to pay much for internet access.

Yes the technology is growing fast. If now you can have a PC on your palm, what next could be? A PC in our sun glasses? Or maybe implanted in our body? Who knows?
Something sure, use anykind of technology wisely 🙂