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Birds on the road

who flies faster than humans,

can you imagine a people in love?

there are flowers around them

they’re smiling and they don’t care with world around them

day birds

who flies with me,

did you know that love can kill you?

I don’t know why,

People said that with love, we can fly to heaven.

I know it’s true. I’ve felt it.


Did you know, birds who fly on garbage, that

Love some times feels so hurt.

It will fly you away, but some times, it isn’t strong enough and it can make you down, down, down, and drawn…

Racer birds, who race your life with human,

Have you feel lied?

You know, when people didn’t do what they said..

Yeah, it feels hurt. Really-really hurt, just like killed by unsharped sword.

But brave birds,

God had gave us avatar to forget all of that bad feeling.

The avatar is the best gift that God had given to us

It can make us fly with other wings

Can make you forget all the shit that you’ve done

And God set the avatar free.

It can fly where ever it want, just like you, morning birds.

Birds, avatar, me

Would you take me fly with your wings?

Take me to your place, in you…

Sky of art