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He cares about his cars,
Hotwheels, dump truck, tow truck, race car, anything.
He has many friends,
Ryan, Steve, Maggie, Blippi, Blaze, Skye, etc.
He got his own workshop,
MegaBloks, or Namco.

He got build his world.

Sometimes people don’t understand what he said. Sometimes I don’t either.
He knows what he want. Really know.
He tells, he explains, he refuses, he supports.

He knows.

He goes out,
He runs, jumps, spins, hides, climbs, slides, rolls, kicks, or just keep silence.

He acts.

Then after all of those, where should we go?
Sky is our limit and I still don’t even know where it is.

What I know, we’ll go up together, to God.