we’re unlimited

one ayat that  i like in Al Qur’an is the one which says that Allah wont change the condition of one person,unless that person change his/her self. i translate it as : we, human, are having unlimited potential. as long as you want to change your self to a better person, then InsyaAllah, Allah will change you too. just dont be affraid to face all of your problem, keep learning somthing, and have a will to change. it’s one of Allah’s promises.
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inget bukunya Dr Ibrahim elfiky yang selalu menyitir ayat ini. Inget film three idiots juga. 🙂

posted by Ratna / 06.08.10 - 5:14 pm

hmm..saha eta teh?g kenal..hehe
bukunya apa judulnya?jd pengen baca..

posted by uga / 06.08.10 - 5:31 pm

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