just wanna share some videos bout my nephew, jinan khansa. she is 1 year and 7 month now. i love her šŸ™‚

ini ceritanya dy lg ngliat spion, dan tiba2 dy bergaya kayak orang lagi dandan šŸ˜€

at first, i was just sitting at my parlor. then suddenly, she came after me n start singing, dancing, talking-i-dont-know-what language. she did that at alomst three minute. haha…what a cute baby isnt she?
oh,n sorry if while watching this video, u got a neckache. i cant rotate it in linux. isthere any video editor in linux, especially the light one?

this time she was playing with her mother (my sister) in their room.
khansa was is affraid with somthing furry n she call it “ningnong”.haha..i dont know why she call it that way šŸ˜€
n my sister, look so ‘iseng’ here.. šŸ˜›

enjoy! šŸ™‚

share and enjoy.
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